Activate Two Step Verification in Facebook


Two-factor verification is a security measure that requires an extra code when you log in into Facebook. When you enable this feature, Facebook will require a code from your mobile phone during login. This code is created by the Code Generator tool in the Facebook app or You can also have it sent to your phone via SMS. you can Use this tool to help protect your account from unauthorised logins.

Activate Two Step Verification in Facebook

1)Open your facebook on your Device and login to it.

2)Go to the Settings menu. Click the ▼ in the bar at the top of the page and select “Settings”.

3)Click the Security option in the left menu. This will open the Security Settings page.

4)Click the “Login Approvals” option. This will expand the Login Approvals section. You’ll see a check box there.
Check the Login Approvals box. Then it will begin the setup process for two-factor security. Click “Get Started” .

5)Enter your mobile number (if prompted). You need to have a phone number associated with your Facebook account. Facebook will send your code to this number if you can’t use the Code Generator tool. You need to enter your phone number to enable two-factor security.

6) A text will be sent to your mobile when you enter a new number. Enter the code that gets texted to you to verify your number.

7) Decide if you want to enable Login Approvals immediately. You can bypass the code for a week after turning Login Approvals on. This is in case you don’t have your phone with you. After this week, you will always be prompted for a code. You can skip the grace week and lock your account down now if you’d prefer.

To check the Two-factor verification, Log into Facebook on an unknown computer.

You will be prompted for your code whenever you log into Facebook on an unknown computer. You will also be prompted when using a different browser.

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