Cast Your Android Mobile Screen to Window PC/ Laptops


Today, in this world, most of the people are using Android Smartphone. Android os has lots of feature, lots of application. So Android becomes the first choice for all smartphones users.
Android has one feature which is used to project complete image screen of one device to another device, called mirror cast. This feature is only on Android devices. But you can also use this feature to mirror your Android screen to your laptops or computers using Teamviewer Quick Support.

This is an awesome app that will let your mirror your Android screen to PC without rooting. All you need is and computer/Laptop and an Android Smartphone installed Teamviewer.

If you don’t have TeamViewer on your PC you can download it from here. After download, you need to install it on your PC.

Team Viewer

If you don’t have TeamViewer Quick Support app on your Android Phone, you need to download from here.

Now you need to open TeamViewer quick support app on your phone and you can see your User ID there.

Team Viewer

Then you need to paste the user id of shown in your Smartphone on your PC where the TeamViewer software is installed.

Look at your Android smartphone, you can see the notification asking you to allow the remote support, you need to click on allow.

Teamviewer Quicksupport

Hurray, Now you can see your smartphone screen on your PC.

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