Apple Unveils iOS 10 – 10 new features that will change Apple device experience


Apple released the latest version of ios with more amazing features. Company says that this one is the great achievements of the company till date. Apple added 10 new amazing features with release of it’s newest ios 10. Apple believed that it will be the greatest development in the field of information and technology. With the launch of ios10, it will change way of using phones and make users more satisfied.

1.User Interface:

Apple has been trying to give new interface to the user. Every year Apple is giving something new to user likewise this year they have introduced new interface system and redesigned the lock screen. If we go through the lock screen and swipe left then you will get new features widget page. This features is mostly discarded from the android system but apple is bringing them back in effective way.

Even the apple has changed the way of notifying area. They have added bubble-like notification and widgets. Control center is also slidely changed and consists two panes. One is toggle and another is music control with bubbles features.

User can enjoy it’s 3D Touch and can snap like what you are seeing as a widget on your leftmost home screen.

2. Siri

Apple updated the it’s old version siri and introduced new features like send messages via no- Apple message users. Distinguish photo can be searched from other apps. Even user can experience VOIP calls and send payments too.

3. Quick Type Keyboard

Now keyboard cans sense the what you want to say or reply. It can share location, remember the current addresses. The most interesting part is you can write on your own native language. It supports multiple language for typing.

4. Photo

Photo app has enhanced new features. App can show photos on map and list them by the their faces. It can automatically scans your photos and arrange them by different categories like animals, People, albums topic and more.

5. reservation can be done by using maps. It can give you the traffic information and also supports different extensions. This upgraded version is reliable and gives proper guidance.

6. Apple Music

Apple redesigned the Music apps makes easier to access, organize and get music or play it. This one is the easier than previous version.

7. Not only the Music, apple has changed its interface of news apps make it more attractive. Now on wards user can subscribe the news apps and get latest or breaking news.

8. Home app with even more powerful home kit

Now user can control all the smart electronic devices or accessories of their home from one single new home app. Doors, lights, Locks, Window shades, cameras, doorbells and many more others smart appliances can be control or manage with home app. It also supports 3D Tocuh.

9 Phone

With the help of new phone features user can use apps to call and use the same calling screen. The voice mail service can detect if a message is unknown or spam.

10. Message

User can send different multimedia message through it. It can supports GIF, videos and other multimedia. Even you can feed live camera without leaving the message. It can play video too on it. It support handwritten message along with Digital touch message.

Except these 10 features Apple has introduced other new features. You can explore these features and enjoy ios 10.