Simple But Useful Technology tricks


Smartphone and other electronic devices have become an integral part of our life. Email, calls, SMS, in addition to several works can be done from the phone. We’re telling you about an 8 Tricks to help you make better use of smart devices

1. Operate the Smartphone’s touch screen from battery

If you’ve worn hand gloves Smartphone will not be able to operate the touch. To operate a call you can use AA batteries.

2. Morning Alarm

If you cannot wake up with the alarm in the morning then keep your Smartphone in plastic cup. The alarm sound will be louder than before.

3. YouTube navigation

When you’re viewing a video on YouTube using the-board in the J 10 seconds of video can rewind and L can use for forwarding 10 sec. Using of key K can function as play/pause.

4. Run remote through 1 battery

If the remote’s battery is over and you have only one new battery then uses the screw of same size as the second battery. The screw will work as the battery or You can use any wire.

5. Smartphone stand

The old cassette box can be use as a Smartphone’s stand.

6. Avoid breaking the charger cod

Smartphone charger cod is often breaks. To save it from collapsing use pen spring.

7. Smartphone camera flash

Camera flash lights can be used like the night light. For this keep your Smartphone flash attached with the transparent bottle then the light will spread around as of night light.

8. Fast charging for Smartphone

If the phone’s battery is dead and you are in a hurry then put on the phone to Airplane mode and connect to the charger. The phone will be charged soon.